Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer, is that really you?

Our weather has been so beautiful the past few days.  But I'm hesitant to say that Summer has finally arrived.  She's teased and taunted us with her arrival, only to quickly disappear, replaced by coooold, wet weather, several times already this year.  We get 2 or 3 days of glorious, sunny weather, the kids even play in the sprinklers and run around in bathing suits all day, only to have temps take a nose dive, sending everyone scrambling for the long pants and jackets they prematurely packed away.

On one such beautiful day, I detached Ethan from the PlayStation umbilical cord he became permanently attached to this winter, and forced him, squinting and flinching and covering his eyes, in to the glorious bright sun light.  He promptly found the shadiest spot and:

My garden is recovering beautifully, you can hardly tell there was even a slaughter.  I really enjoy puttering around out there, pulling weeds and watering, even though I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing and my plants would probably get along just as well if I never touched them, but it's relaxing and I love watching the progress, anticipating the first pretty, pink blossoms.  All the beautfiul greenery has me itching to fill my goldfish bowl and get some little fishies swimming, but I'm worried that Summer will disappear again, and my little fishies would get too cold.  I know goldfish like cold water, but I still feel bad when the temp drops too much.  So I'll wait until I'm more sure Summer is here to stay.


tokyo5 said...

Late spring and again in late autumn the temperature fluctuates greatly...but I think the warm weather is here to stay.
It will only get hotter and hotter now.

(梅雨 (Rainy season) will start before long though.)

Gaijin Wife said...

"squinting and flinching and covering his eyes, in to the glorious bright sun light"

LOL - poor Ethan. You realize you're traumatizing the boy for life by making him go play outside in the beautiful spring weather.