Monday, February 13, 2012


I had to get glasses.  I'm getting o.l.d.  I only need them for reading, and only if I want to read for an extended period of time, but the doc said I have to wear them all the time.  I was already wearing fake glasses, they're like jewelry for your face, so aesthetically this isn't a big leap for me, but mentally.......meh. I wasn't happy at first, but I guess I'm getting used to it.

I've also lost a tiny bit of weight.  Down 12 lbs since October.  Not a huge difference physically, but it's done wonders for me emotionally and I really feel motivated to keep going.  Even feeling confident enough to post a pic of myself on FaceBook!  Something I never, ever do, or allow anyone else to do.  And, just so my bloggy friends who aren't my FB friends (and why aren't you??) don't feel left out (although if you're not my FB friend, you wouldn't know you were being left out of anything, right?) here I am, in my new spectacles!  Ta-da!