Friday, April 1, 2011

No mojo

No desire to blog at all.  Work?  Stress?  Worry?  Don't know, don't really care at the moment.  I went to Guam on the 22nd because G and E's accommodations weren't working out as I'd hoped, and I didn't want them back in Japan yet.  We stayed until the 28th, until I was out of vacation days and out of money.  We're all back in Japan, but I'm not happy about it.  

Things seem stable at the moment on the nuke front, but I only believe about half of what TEPCO and the GOJ are saying and I'd feel so much better if there were viable alternative for getting the kids out of here that I could live with.  Things are stable physically as well, I haven't felt a single tremor since we returned.  Gas and food/water were never in short supply on base and although rolling blackouts have been scheduled nearly every day, they've all been cancelled and we've never lost power.  So, other than the fear of my future grandchildren being born with two heads, things are okay.  Bleh.