Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Blog......

....that sacrificed itself so that FaceBook could survive!  We're all still here, still doing pretty much the same old thing!

The kids are good, enjoying their Christmas break.  They get just over two weeks off, I think they go back to school on January 3.  Gabi is managing the HS girls' basketball team again this year, and Meg is actually playing on the JV squad!  She's never played basketball before, but seems to be enjoying it (I think she likes the shoes more than anything else!).  They're both doing well in school, though Gabrielle's got a major case of Senior-itis and is counting the days until graduation.

Ethan played soccer in the Fall, is still enjoying 1st grade and seems to have developed an affection for Barbies (which he tries desperately to hide and will deny to his death if confronted).  I tell him, every chance I get, that all kids are allowed to play with any toys they want, that there are no "boy" toys or "girl" toys, they're all just "toys" and regale him with tales of my Hot Wheels collection and favorite Star Wars action figures that I had as a little girl.  He's not at all convinced, and I'm sure he would be teased mercilessly at school if anyone found out.  I made the mistake of sending Girl Scout cookies in his lunch one day, and some little shit laughed at him for it!  Kids can be such jerks!

Work is good, pretty busy leading up to the holidays, when lots of the military folks take long vacations, so I was trying to cram in as much work as possible that required any input from any of them before they left.  I'm actively searching for another job.  My current job is scheduled to end in September 2012, and though there is the possibility of a one-year extension, I don't want to be in the same place I was a year ago and be completely screwed if it doesn't happen.  I'd really, really love to go to Korea next, but honestly, I'll take anything, anywhere.

We're heading to Guam for 5 days next month.  It's already so cold here, I can't wait for some sunshine and beach lounging!  Meg went to spend Thanksgiving with her dad, so she's happy to be going back again so soon.

Think that's pretty much it for us!  Nothing very exciting or blog worthy!  I guess that should be a good thing, considering how bad things were for me this time last year!  Wishing everyone (if there's even anyone left) a happy, healthy new year!!!