Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xmas Preview

Had this pic on my phone.  The other Chrimmy pix are still on the PC.
We started a new tradition for Xmas dinner this year for Xmas:  Christmas Yakiniku!
The kids love yakiniku, Ethan especially loves cooking our own food at our table.  This restaurant is a favorite, it's a yakiniku viking (all you can eat) plus has DIY cotton candy and crepe machines!  Oishii! (Christmas is not a big deal in Japan, it's just another day, so everything is open)
In the pic is also Meg's BFF, Tasha.  She was at our house by 8:00a Christmas morning, just for a quick gift review, then came back after lunch and spent the rest of the day and night.

Once you go Mac....

Isn't she pretty?

I've made the switch, and so far I'm pretty happy.  Still figuring things out and trying to break my old PC habits, but I love my little, pink Mac!

I haven't blogged in a while because my PC went all wonky and wouldn't let me upload pix to Blogger, and I HATE blogging w/out pictures, so I just didn't.  Now I've just got to get all my pix and files transferred from the PC (Piece of Crap) and I'll be able to catch up!