Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Post! Finally!

Only a month late!

Wow, I can't believe my little burrito is 5! FIVE! My last baby is five.years.old! I've always said that if he had been my first, I'd have ten kids by now. He was such an awesome, laid back baby. And that hasn't really changed. He's so low-maintenance, so easy going, and such a mama's boy (in a good way). He's so funny, and such a sweet kid. I laugh now when I remember how I CRIED when I found out I was pregnant with a boy! I demanded a second opinion! I was so set on a 3rd girl, I'd never pictured myself as the mom of a stinky, rowdy, messy boy! But now, I couldn't imagine my life without my angel boy!

For some reason he was insistent on a Diego cake. Diego? Seriously? He hasn't watched Diego since he was 2. He's full on boy now, all about Transformers, Star Wars, battles and shark attacks, construction equipment, and always Tomica. I was sure he'd want a Transformers cake. I even took him to the grocery store to browse the cake catalog, there were some really cool "big boy" cakes. Nope. It had to be Diego. Okay buddy-boy!

Fortunately, he's still at an age where I can get away with just a small, family party. Right now it's still all about the cake and prezzies. I invited 3 neighbor boys that he plays with, very low key, and quick! He opened presents, we sang and ate cake, and I had those boys out of the house in less than an hour! Woo hoo!

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