Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm just sayin'

When you complain about not having enough money to pay your bills every time you're approached by the mother of your children, who's asking for money to take care of YOUR FAMILY (when the fact that you have to be asked for extra money in the first place is just sad, and shameful), and you then proceed to spend $80 on a Skype phone, followed by $235 on an iPod Touch and accessories, and over $100 on miscellaneous eBay purchaces, all in less than a month.........


thefukases said...


I hope you are covered under US law on base, I know Japanese courts are pretty toothless when it comes to alimony and stuff but (and I'm basing this on watching quality tv like Dr Phil and Judge Judy) can't you get paid directly from his account when the pay goes in?


Slime said...

Thanks fuka-chan. He does pay child support, the military is even tougher about that kind of thing than the U.S. government, and compared to a lot of other dead beats, he pay a's just the principle, I guess. HE gets to decide how much we need, and if I go over that amount, I have to grovel and beg for more. I have to stick to such a strict budget, while he goes on stupid eBay shopping sprees.....ugh.