Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Tonight, I was in Gabi's room talking to her about her day and I noticed that her calendar had a word written on each of the last 17 days, "Green" "Spiderman" "Polka Dot". When I asked her what they were, she replies "My shirts." Huh? "Yeah, everyday I write in what shirt I wore so I won't wear the same one again too soon."

This is the child who has happily shopped at Goodwill and the Salvation Army her entire life, never turning her nose up at a hand-me-down and for the most part walks around looking like she just rolled out of a dumpster (she's clean, but always wrinkled, sporting miscellaneous holes and pen drawings on her pants and shoes, and never, ever matching). She's never cared about clothes or fashion, never worried about name brands, price tags or...ironing. But suddenly she's OCD about not wearing the same shirt twice in one week?!?!?! Oy.


rengawk said...

I had a unfortunate experience in 7th grade in which a young lady wrote down what I wore every day, waiting for the purpose of making fun of me if I repeated an outfit (she also wrote down what another unpopular young man wore too). It really bothered me, but the funniest part was when it finally happened "You know you wore that exact outfit one month ago..." she said. I was shocked, but had a good answer. "Guess I had to dress up for an event last month too." I was wearing a shirt and button down shirt for some sort of picture for the local paper for something or other. Yeesh.

Slime said...

Aw Ren, that's just MEAN! But good for you for sticking up for yourself! I wonder if something like that has happened to Gabi, making her start keeping track herself so it won't happen again. Geez, that makes me so sad :(

rengawk said...

I certainly hope not for her, but I wanted to share since it is such a crazy story!