Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mama mowhawk

Why yes, I did shave my child's head! How can you tell? Is the huge gash in the back, or maybe it's the squiggly lines, perhaps the huge tufts of unshaved bits strategically sprouting around his melon? Trust me, it looks worse real life! And I'll confess it now, he was MORTIFIED when he first looked in the mirror. He actually cried. I was heartbroken! I thought I'd done a decent job, I mean, HE'S A 4 YEAR OLD BOY! What does he know about the height of chic hair fashion? But he literally broke down sobbing.

However, in typical 4 year old boy fashion, he's over it now, completely forgotten it, as he never looks at himself in the mirror. And of course people are unfailingly polite, gushing with the "Oh Ethan, I love your hair!" as they look at me over his head, eyes wide and "What the hell happened?" written all over their faces.

I love it though. I think it's adorable!


Gaijin Wife said...


I thought it was grownups that radically changed their hairstyles after big events in their life! Hope your not planning on giving youself one of those.
Ethan looks adorable though :)

Robin Vistnes said...

AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You weren't kidding!
I miss his cute baby curls about 20 haircuts ago.!

Hooplovers said...

RAD!! The wonderful thing about hair is that it GROWS...and then you get to do it all again ;) He is such a cutie!