Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love hurts

Hoop love, that is. Just as I suspected I woke up today with a doozy of a bruise on my right hip (I uploaded it small to spare you a little from my flab and stretch marks!). Surprisingly, I'm only a little tender around my hips, not sore at all, and nothing hurt when I broke out the hoop this morning!


Alisa said...

Holy Crap Girl!!!!!
WOW! Thats one amazing bruise!
You know that long "love stinks"?
Thats why i thought of when i saw ur post. haha.
Get better soon, ouch!

thefukases said...

That is some bruise!!

I had to giggle- I knew exactly what this post would be about without even opening it!

And I think your hip pic is quite cute (and brave!) I was thinking of posting about my butt-tan (too short shirts and too much head down bum up in the garden) but chickened out of taking the picture!

Lulu said...

Man, that is an insane hoop bruise! I have never seen one like it- you must bruise even easier than me.

Must admit have not hooped since finding out I was pregnant except on my arms while still in Australia. That said I did hoop once last week when my friend James was here he wanted to give it ago to see if it was anything like hooping on WII! HAHA, it fell straight down so I needed to show him how it was done- took a second to redevelop the skills as I am definitely a different SHAPE now. haha

I could hoop with goma-chan on my back I think- lol. Maybe goma-chan could lay on a mat on the ground.

Deanne is great- if you can ever have a session with her you totally should. She is amazing. I hooped with her way back when she wasn`t even a teacher and again later in Australia and always so much fun.

Deanne said...

Thanks Lulu. You are too sweet! Hope all is going well for you. Hooping will be a gorgeous way to get your stunning figure back after you have your babe! Exciting!

OMG I have to say, I have NEVER seen anything like that! I really hope you are OK. That bruise is just so intense. Hoops are supposed to give love not lashings. I am really excited for a time when we can get together - you, me and that nasty love ring of yours!