Sunday, August 30, 2009

4th of July

I figured I'd better blog about Independence Day before Labor Day rolls around. I also needed to get some space between that pic of my squishy hip, and the top of the page!

The Services Squadron put on an awesome July 4th Festival this year. Lots of fun, food and entertainment, and all of it was free!

There were bouncy castles and other carnival rides for the kids, a petting zoo, BBQ buffet, drinks, sno cones and live music, it was really an all-American 4th of July celebration, ending of course with a spectacular fireworks display. And did I mention that it was all free?

As you know, Otis and Meg were in the States most of July, Gabi went to the fest w/ her friends, so it was just me and E. We stayed for about 2 hours, stuffed ourselves with all the free food, enjoyed my fave Air Force Band of the Pacific, Pacific Trends, Ethan jumped for a while in Scooby Doo's belly, took a few spins on the mini go-carts and made nice with a massive, mutant bunny. Later on we met some friends for more food and watched the fireworks (E hates fireworks, but he endures them for mommy, I looooooove fireworks!). We had a really great day and completely exhausted ourselves.


thefukases said...

Wo. Looks like a great time. I can't believe that's a rabbit- I think that's way scarier than fireworks!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen fireworks on July 4th in years.

Did you watch a Japanese fireworks show this summer too?