Friday, August 28, 2009

Hoop Update

I've been hooping (or attempting to hoop) off and on for nearly 12 hours now, and there's definte progress! My form needs serious work, I look like I'm channeling about 10,000 kilowatts of electricity as I flail about inside a sparkling rainbow, but I'm able to keep the hoop up for nearly a full minute!

Who knew hooping could hurt so much? I'm sure I'm going to wake up with bruises in the morning.


thefukases said...

wow. You're a quick learner! Spent ages looking at those links you posted. I had no idea how involved hooping is!

Alisa said...

The Wii has a pretty cool hooping game. Hard to do for sure.
Keep us updated on the progress...
(its for fitness right?) ... i may need a [Program after this baby pop's out LOL)

Slime said...

Fuka-chan - I know, right? I had no idea hooping was a "thing" these days! There's a whole huge hooping world out there that I knew nothing about!

Alisa - yeah, I think that stinkin' Wii is the reason I can't get the hang of the real thing. I've been playing the Wii version for nearly a year, and they don't use the same motion at all.