Tuesday, February 24, 2009

15 nano-seconds of fame

Meg and B. made the Pacific military news (AFN - Armed Forces Network) with HC, theyr'e right at the end of the clip. Don't blink!





thefukases said...

Wow! How exciting. SHe sounds like she's a good public speaker, too.

Ha ha. I didn't read the intro properly and somehow thought that was you coming down the stairs. 'wow, she looks just like Hilary Clinton!' thinks silly me. *^_^*

Gina said...

That is so cool to have been on the military news. I saw the Girl Scout vest and knew that was them!!! Did you show them? Were they excited for making it on there? Very very cool! : )

Alisa said...

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Slime said...

Gina - Meg is a typical 'tween, stuck between the silliness of an elementary school kid and the "too cool"-ness of a junior high schooler, so she was equal parts excited and embarrassed at being on the news. They show these "AFN One-minute Updates" about 8 times a day over 4 channels, for a week, so every one has seen it!

But she's so funny, now it's like HC is her best friend or something! My TV is always on CNN and every time HC is on the news Meg's like "Oh, there's Hillary, turn it up!", "Hmm, I don't think I like her in those pants.....", "What'd she do to her hair?" LMAO