Wednesday, September 10, 2008


After Ethan's festival we went to a little udon restaurant that's at the bottom of the hill from the school. Udon is like ramen, but with much thicker, wheat-based noodles. This is a popular fast food type chain restaurant, like McD's for the U.S., these places are everywhere. Cheap, fast and really yummy!

I'm not sure of the name, I think it says Yamada, but it definitely says udon. I can't read much kanji, which is what the first two characters on the rooftop sign are. The other three characters are hiragana: u + do + n = udon! Woo hoo! Go me! I can read all the hiragana on the long sign. The white letters in the red oval say tanuki (I thought that meant racoon dog, so that's a little puzzling) and reading down, left then right, it says udon / soba (also a type of noodle)>

Otis' udon, topped with a deep fried potatoe thingy, seaweed, thinly sliced cucumbers...I can't remember what the other stuff was.


My fried rice with a side of ginger and a cup of miso soup

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