Friday, September 12, 2008

Continental Cuisine?

Last week my Wednedsay class and I took their former teacher Zina out for a farewell lunch, she's heading back to the States next month.

We went to Centro, a restaurant serving continental cuisine, in the nearby Forrest Inn hotel. It's a much more upscale restaurant than what I usually go to, but it's the kind my Wednesday students always pick when we go out for lunch.

Forrest Inn Showakan Hotel

This hotel is just a five minute drive from the East gate of the base, overlooking the south end of our flight line



Most of my Wednesday students, we were only missing 1 person


Appetizer: a tiny sliver of pork and veggies


A yummy french onion soup.

I successfully brought the culture level of every one of my students down several notches by showing them how to dunk the crusty bread in their soup. Lots of giggling ensued, followed by the request for two more baskets of bread for dunking.


Main course: pork with a tasty cream sauce. That slice of orange colored stuff on the salad is grilled pumpkin, I actually ate it! And liked it! I also ate the baby corn and okra.

There was another course before this, a hot noodle dish topped with shredded corned beef, but I forgot to take a pic.


Dessert: pear slices topped with a peeled, frozen mango


Helaina said...

Thanks for not letting those students of yours get away without truely learning the "customs" of the Americans (westerners) by "dunking" , if you will, the bread in the soup. I hope you also showed them how to blow the straw paper off the end of the straw when you bunch it down to the end. It's up to you. Western-isms are in your hands.

Slime said...

Damn! I forgot about blowing the straw paper! But I did show them how to hang a spoon from their noses!