Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bon Odori Festival

Two weeks ago Ethan's school had their annual Bon Odori Festival. We bought Ethan a cute jinbei just before the festival. The staff had different little booths set up with snow cones, Pokeman hats, water balloons, the usual festival stuff.

On the steps leading up to the school


Aya Sensei (E's teacher)

Ethan and his friend Kokoa. (How cute is she?)


Lining up, getting ready to dance

Ethan and Papi in front of the drum stand.

We were excited and so amazed that Ethan actually danced all the way through every single dance! He usually wants absolutely nothing to do with any kind of group or organized activity. I think there were 5 different dances all together. The teachers did a great job of keeping all the 150 + preschoolers not only all in one place, but most of them acutally dancing.

I was bawling my eyes out the whole time! It's times like this that I just can't believe I'm actually back in Japan, raising my kids; I'm so incredibly grateful to be back here and to have this opportunity. I love my husband so much for being willing to make all the huge sacrifices it took for us to come here, knowing that he did it all just for me.


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Kudos Milo!!!