Sunday, September 7, 2008

Slowly but surely

I'm really trying to catch up my posts, but every time I get one up, I seem to get 2 more in the queue.

Otis is in Alaska for 6 weeks helping out at the hospital at Elmendorf AFB because they are severly short staffed. The kids are back in school, Meg has crosscountry practice 4 days/week and Girl Scout meetings every other Friday, Gabi practices 5 days week and they have CC meets every Saturday. I've picked up another English class in Kodaira on Fridays(about a 40 min drive), have joined the Girls Scouts Overseas Committe Management Team, taken over as the head of my YOSC culture group and recenty joined another, smaller culture group. Crap!What am I doing?! What happen to my days of laying on the couch with a bag of fritos and a can of bean dip watching CSI marathons? Horatio, I miss you!

Keep checking back, I'll get up-to-date soon.

Speaking of the couch and fritos:



I really try to keep Ethan's junk food intake to a minimum. He rarely gets chips, so when I gave him the last few bites left in this bag of fritos, he was not about to miss a single crumb!

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Kassia said...

That's SO cute! Trey fell asleep holding the cover to a Scooby Doo DVD once...