Monday, February 25, 2008

So F%&@ing YUMMY

Yes, profanity is necessary. There's no other way to adequately convey the absolute devinity of this tiny triangle o' heaven. I think it's called a Choco Bite. It's a chocolate turnover (the pastry is chocolate flavored) with a big blob of melted chocolate in the middle. When you get one fresh and warm right from the oven........indescribable joy! And only 100Y, about $0.92!! Worth way more and SOOOOO addictive! Thankfully I'm still too timid to use the drive-thru, so it takes a bit of planning and effort to actually get one, otherwise I'd be hogging these babies down several times a day!
There are no McD's on my way to anywhere, so I have to go a good bit out of my way to get to one, and not all of them have parking, so since I need to actually park to go in and order, I can't go to some of them, so a bit of route planning and timing is usually required.

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cameramom said...

I first discovered these at Narita airport, and I was instantly in love. You really DO need the profanities when describing them.

Why, oh WHY are these not sold in the U.S?

(And I had no idea Japanese McDs have drive-thru windows!)