Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2nd 3rd Birthday

Ethan had a little b-day party at school today. I took cupcakes which the Japanese kids love, they don't do cupcakes here.

Ethan is now one of only two American kids in his class. The Japanese school year ends in March, the new year begins in April after a two week break. When he goes back in April he'll move up to the Preschool B class, at 4 he moves up to Kindi A, then on to Kindi B.

The 3rd little boy in line is Ethan's best buddy Taketo. He talks about him constantly and every little Japanese boy he sees is "Taketo".

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Lulu said...

OMG- I know the little girl in that last photo Yunoka right? I was her teacher for awhile when she was travelling to Kichijoji for school but then her mum enrolled her in a school closer to her home which is the one your son goes to I guess!

Small world huh!

I know I am commenting on an old post but I was just flicking through your archives now you have lead me to your blog! hehe!