Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tokyo Tower

I recently joined the Yokota Officers' Spouses Club, just in time for the Tri-Services luncheon in Tokyo! Every year the Tri-Services lunch brings together the Spouses clubs from the Air Force (Yokota), Army (Camp Zama) and Navy (Yokosuka and Atsugi), with each club taking a turn hosting each year; this year was our turn at Yokota. The luncheon is held at the New Sanno hotel in Tokyo. In case you don't feel like checking out the link: The New Sanno is an American-style hotel operated by the U.S Nave and is only for members of the U.S. military and their guests. It's in a great location in the middle of Tokyo, very close to Roppongi Hills. The rooms are super nice, they have 6 restaurants on site as well as an indoor pool. And our rates (based on Otis' rank) start at only $48/night! Anyway, the committee organizing this year's program (which I joined) decided to head to the hotel a day early to give us time to rehearse, set up and all that stuff. I had so much fun!

We took the 9:30 base shuttle bus ($5) to the New Sanno on Tuesday morning, arriveing just before 11:00a, I think there were 15 of us. I decided to head out and explore on my own since I wasn't interested in shopping, which is where the rest of the group was heading. The hotel is located near all the foreign embassies and there are lots of expats living in that area, it was really weird seeing so many non-Japanese people walking around. The only time I see non-Japanese people in Fussa is when I'm on base, I never see other Americans when I'm off base. Tuesday night I went into Roppongi for dinner with 2 other girls, we went to Tony Roma's. Roppongi was SO AWESOME! I'm definitely going back soon! The luncheon was a huge success, I think we had 99 people (97 ladies, 2 guys). We got back around 3:30p on Wednesday. Next I'm joining the Spring Bazaar committee.

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