Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Bloggiversary to me!!!!

Yikes!  I totally missed my own blog anniversary!  Exactly 3 years and two days ago, I started this blog.

Holy crap has my life ever changed in the last 36 months!!!  Absolutely nothing in my life today is how I imagined it would be just 3 short years ago.  In some ways it's kind of sad, but in other ways it's a really great thing.

I'm so, so happy I decided to start blogging, I have met some of the most amazing people over the last three years, all because of this blog.   To be honest, I now have more blogg-y friends reading my drivel than I do people who knew me before I started blogging!  I also really love that I have such a detailed account of the last three years, it's so neat to be able to read back and find out EXACTLY what we were doing at this exact point in our lives three years ago, and usually with pictures.  It's like a mini time machine!

When I started blogging, I was positive I'd run out of things to write about, I mean, my life isn't really all that exciting, but as it turns out, I have SO MUCH to blog about, that the only thing I run out of is the time to blog about it!

So - Happy Bloggiversary SakuraSlime!

(This is actually Lily, Masa and me toasting on the night I found out I'd made the applicant list for my job!  I was so happy that she was there to share that life-changing moment with me!  Yet another post I've never managed write!)


Cecilia said...


Congratulations :)

I'm really glad to have met you!
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Gina said...

Happy bloggiversary Bryn!

Wow, I have been reading you a long time lady. ; ) And have enjoyed getting to know you a little bit via these blogs.

I remember the day you and Meg met Hillary Clinton. Or the time you were having trouble with the girl scout mother's I think that was. : ( I've been reading and commenting from just about the beginning.

You are a really good person and I'm glad to know ya. ; ) So...happy bloggiversary my friend.

Anonymous said...

Congrats- I know this is one of my fav favorites! I check in every couple of days. You encouraged me to blog too. I am your blog spin off!

Bryn said...

Cecilia - Thanks! Can't wait for our snowy get-away!

Gina - ((Hugs)) and thanks! I've been following you for even longer! It's been fun watching our boys grow, I enjoy reading about B & N and seeing all the similarities b/w them and E.

Anon - Awwww! Thanks! But who are you? Do I already read your blog? If not, I'd love to!

illahee said...

happy bloggiversary! i'm glad you started blogging, too. here's to three (or more!) more years!