Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

3.5 months later!  My b-day was actually July 14, but I was looking through my photos tonight and realized that I never blogged about it!

On my b-day morning, I woke up to something tickling my nose, opened my eyes and there was E, holding a red carnation, tickling my nose with it.  He'd also drawn a cute picture for me.  I got ready for work, headed out to the van, and found this:

In addition to going the the flower shop the evening before to buy the flower for her brother to give me, and helping him draw the pic for me, my sweet, oldest daughter had woken up at 6:00a (during her summer vacay!!!), snuck out to the convenience store and bought me my favorite brekky, a cheesy Tornadoe and large Coke (I said favorite, not healthy)!  And when I turned the key in the van, a rockin' "Happy Birthday" song blasted from the speakers.  Gabi had somehow recorded herself, M and E singing, burned it on to a CD and had it all queued up in the CD player (remember, M had been the U.S. at her dad's for more than a month by this time).

I promptly burst into tears.  I had been DREADING my b-day this year.  I was still struggling to cope and recover from the devastation wreaked on our lives by DB, and still had no clue what our future held, whether or not I was getting my job, where we would go if I didn't, etc.  And all I kept thinking about was my last birthday.  DB was in school in the U.S. but had still managed to have flowers and a balloon delivered to me.  Anyway, I wasn't expecting anything good to come from this day.  But already, it was shaping up to be one of my best b-days ever.
Later that day, my co-workers took me out for lunch, and when we returned to the office, they had a big b-day cake waiting.  After work the kids joined me and my whole office for dinner at Chili's and I celebrated with b-day margaritas. This was also the day my job was finally posted so that I could officially apply for it, and, as we all know now, I got the job, and am in the process of living happily ever after!.  It ended up being a really great day.


thefukases said...

Wow! What a fabulous birthday and Gabi rocks! Can you let her know my birthday is a week later and my kids need some serious training in how to give mummy a great birthday. I'll pay!

Here's to a fabulous (rest of the) year and many happy returns of the day.

Gina said...

If anyone ever deserves to live happily ever after, it's you lady. : )

A bit belated but Happy Birthday.

As for your kids doing all those special touches for your birthday. Your kids rock! You've got the kindest most sweetest kids ever. You're definitely doing something right there. ; ) And Chili's to boot too, right on! : )

Cecilia said...


That is fantastic :)
What a day!
What great kids :)

A happy belated birthday, and may the year keep rocking on to that tune :)

cameramom said...

Happy Belated to someone who does indeed deserve a special day like that one!

You are one amazing mom to have raised not just one, but three completely phenomenal kids! That story tops anything I've ever heard. Can I adopt one (or all) of them for a while?

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

Gaijin Wife said...

awesomeness of all awesomeness. Your kids are fantastic.

Bryn said...

Aw, thanks girlies! I must admit, I'm pretty impressed w/ the kind of young woman G is turning out to be. She's definitely the poster child for the nature vs. nurture argument, b/c I can't claim any of the glory for who she's become. She's pretty awesome, in spite of all the damage I've done!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Happy belated birthday!
How amazing is Gabi??! You are one lucky lady to have three wonderful kids. That was a lovely blog post to read.

Rebecca said... wonderful...and how wonderful is Gabrielle!! I love that girl :)

When ever you think everything is wrong, just look at her (and M and E) and know it's SO not!!