Tuesday, October 19, 2010


No much going on, which is probably a good thing!  We still don't have a house yet, meaning we've been homeless going on 5 weeks since we returned to Japan, but 9 weeks since we actually last had a home of our own.  I'm fine with it for myself, the daily maid service still hasn't lost it's novelty, and neither has the big, fat check they give me every month for staying in the temporary lodging facility (TLF)!  But it's getting harder and harder on the kids.  Especially Ethan.

My heart is breaking for my sweet baby.  We drove by our old house today, and all his friends were outside playing, and he just broke down, sobbing, begging me to let us move back to our old house.  This is the 3rd or 4th time he's had a break down like that since we've been back.  It's just so sad.  After the 2nd time, I realized that in the last year, his entire little world has just crumbled down around him, he's literally lost everything he knows and loves.  First, his dad disappears off the face of the earth, then we had to give away his beloved dog (as you know, we got Feni when E was two, he called Feni his "brother" and loved him so much), then he had to leave the school he loved as the year ended and he was moving on to kindergarten, then he lost his house, which is the only home he's ever known, and along with that went all his neighborhood friends.  My only consolation is that in a few years he won't remember all this loss and pain, but I am worried about how it will affect him in the long run.  Have I scarred him for life?

On the up side, all 3 kids are settled in school.  None of them had any trouble catching up, they're all happy with their teachers and so far they're all doing really well.  Both girls opted not to run cross country this year, they'd already missed nearly half the season by the time we returned to Japan, and knew they'd have extra homework and studying the first few weeks back in school.

Work is AWESOME!!!  Several times a day I just shake my head in wonder "I'm actually getting PAID to do this!"  Unbelievable.  I'm making more money than I've ever made in my entire life (that's actually not saying much, I haven't exactly been the most productive worker over the last 2 decades) doing a job that I *LOVE*.  My co-workers are great, I have my own office and a secretary (all of my working life, I'VE always been the secretary!!!) and I'm my own boss.  I pretty much set my own schedule as well, as long as the work gets done on time, my time is pretty much my own.  Today I was able to leave at 10:30 to go eat lunch w/ E at school.  I buzz in and out of international meetings and conference calls everyday, working w/ the Japanese military, as well as people in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Guam, Hawaii and the US.  Just got word this week that I'll "required" to attend a week long workshop in Hawaii next month.  Geez, talk about torture!  Sigh.  Life is good right now.  (I was soooooo afraid to actually type that!  I'm terrified of jinxing myself!)

This weekend, Sarah and fam will be coming to visit for the day, so I'll get my fix of the adorable Sakura-chan, while enjoying a yummy brunch and great company.

I could go on, but those are the highlights!  I still have pix from the States, and some nice ones from Day Two of our Mother's Day trip last May that I really want to post.  I'll try to get to it this week, I promise.


thefukases said...

what a fabulously up update!

And even more fabulouser news on the job- you deserve it! Now you just need to find an urgent reason to visit the Matsumoto SDF base.... ;P

Poor Ethan. Some kids just don't do well with change hey? And he's had his fair share recently like you say. I really think that deep down he knows he has the security of you and his sisters and when he has a new neighbourhood to explore and a place to call home he'll bounce back- and you'll be crying over missing your maid service!

Gina said...

What a wonderful update. Sounds like things are looking up and your work sounds great.

Sorry to hear about Ethan. He sounds like a truly wonderful kid. He's had one heck of a year. He's been through so much. Hopefully once you guys get settled into a new place and he gets a new set of neighborhood kids to play with, things should start to improve.

Wishing you guys all the best as always. : )

Georgina said...

Great to hear that work is going so well. I'm sure Ethan will be fine. It's natural he'll feel upset about the changes he's experienced. Hope he makes some new friends soon and that you all get to settle into a new home soon. The big question is, will you ever be able to adjust to life without a maid?

Cecilia said...

How are things going?
Any news on the accommodation front?
Hope you're all doing well :)

gaijinwife said...

Wow - things sound like they are going very well. Bar of course poor Ethan. That must be rough for him having so many changes while he is still so young. He will definitely become good at adapting. And god he is just so fricken adorable that that surely in itself means this last year wont be remembered as traumatic.

Besides, now he has a mummy who LOVES her job. Thats got to make family life all that little bit more wonderful. Congratulations on finding such a good job. You deserve it.

Hope you had a good weekend with Sarah and co.