Friday, October 1, 2010

First Day of School

G and M, 11th and 8th grade (that's G's pride and joy behind them)

 My baby started "big kid" school, full-fledged kindergarten!


Cecilia said...

Sweet :)

thefukases said...

Oh.... he looks so cute!

I gotta ask though- who was the nervous nelly who got you there so early that poor E is the only kid in the room?! ;P

Here's to a smooth transition to the big school.

Tokyo Five said...

Was yesterday the first day of school on the U.S. bases?

In Japanese schools in Tokyo, October 1 is a holiday.

( )

gaijinwife said...

your kids are all so beautiful - obviously - but god I just want to eat Ethan up. Those eyes. Is hard to believe he has every done anything naughty.

Gina said...

Ethan is so gorgeous Bryn. Honest to goodness..such a beautiful boy!!!

Bryn said...

Fuka-chan - Acutally, we were so LATE that his class had already gone to Spanish, but I sat him down for a quick pic before his teacher rushed him off! LOL

T5 - No, school on base started on 31 Aug, but we were in the U.S from 15 Aug - 19 Sep, so my kids didn't start until the 20th, which is when these pix were.

Robin Vistnes said...

the kiddos look great- i'd love to see more of Gabi's car. how did you get one so fast?