Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Samurai Daiko! Sore!

Oh yeah, baby!  I've joined a taiko (Japanese drum) team!

We have a Japanese-American drum team on base, there are about 10 of us, and we're taught by Hashimoto-sensei and his wife.  Practices are pretty instense, twice a week for 3 + hours each night.  Twice a month we travel to the nearby city of Hachioji to practice with a "professional" team, Jinba Taiko, and twice a month, they come to the base to practice with us.

During the late spring and summer, we perform at 2 - 3 festivals per month.  Tonight was my 3rd practice.  I only know one song so far (which I play veeeeerrrryyyy slowly) so it will be a while before I'm ready to join the team for real performances, but t's so much fun!  I have a "thing" for drums and am really loving being on the team.  It's a great work out too!


Gaijin Wife said...

I'd love to do taiko. At the moment I think it would be more for stress relief than anything - that and getting a good pair of arms!! Good Luck.

thefukases said...

Go you!

I love watching the drums and have always thought it would be really cool to learn (especially for those not hampered with my crap sense of rhythm!)

cameramom said...

Good grief - you are a rock star! I wouldn't be able to lift my arms after one practice!

Hopefully someone will take a video so we can see your team in action!