Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree...

...aka the New Tokyo Tower.  Blogs are abuzz with the news that the new Tokyo Tower is more than 50% complete, and has crept past the old TT (a puny 333 m high) as the tallest man-made structure in Japan.  In case you haven't heard about it (really, where have you been?) here's a link about the Tokyo Sky Tree.  

Since we were in T-Town last week, the kids and I decided to head to Oshiage to check it out.  I thought it'd be cool for them to be able to one day say "I was there when Tokyo Sky Tree was built!"

It's definitely impressive, Ethan was mesmerized by all the construction and cranes.  He loooooooves the old TT, and can't wait for this one to be finished.  It's scheduled to be completed in December of next year, I really hope we'll be here to see it!

Tokyo Sky Tree from the Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay


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