Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ho! Ho! Who?

Organizing my pictures tonight, and I came across these from Xmas.  Can't believe I forgot to post them!

That's ME! 
Playing Santa for our Culture Club Xmas party!  It was so mcuh fun.  The Japanese ladies didn't know it was me and were so shocked when Santa called them all by name and asked about their grandkids and husbands (I've known most of them the entire 2.5 years I've been here).  

I also got to snuggle several tiny babies for their first pix w/ St. Nick.  I think that was the best part!  It was fun to be able to let the mommies get really personalized pix, instead of the rushed, blurry mall-Santa pictures most of us got of our little ones.  I was able to take time to cuddle and calm the ones that were scared, and make sure everyone got the perfect shot.  Hmmmmm, maybe I've found a way to supplement my Christmas spending?

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