Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm still cool, right?

I mean, I think I'm still pretty cool, but when my daughters saw this video of my fave band at age 13, I lost MAJOR cool points. My husband has NEVER even heard of Strawberry Switchblade, and neither have any of the friends I've polled. How is that possible? Please tell me someone out there in bloggy land loved them too!

P.S. I love YouTube! I could literally watch videos there all day, so much awesome stuff!


tokyo5 said...

It's quite different from the music I grew up listening to (KISS, Sabbath, Priest, etc).

I never heard of "Strawberry Switchblade". knows them and said she had one of their cassettes when she was a teenager.

tokyo5 said...

Sorry. A mistype is my previous comment.

I meant to type the last sentence as:

" wife knows them and said she had one of their cassettes when she was a teenager.

Robin Vistnes said...

Sorry Slime, I think I knew you when you were 13, but I never knew Strawberry Switchblade- but I wish I did! They SO ROCK!!!!
I was wasting all my time on Ratt, and AC/DC, and Metallica and Cindy Lauper-if only I had know SS was rockin' the scene...
If I knew then what I know now,... my life may have taken a totally different path-
But at least you still have some street cred with your crumbsnatchers, mine have long since thought I was a total bean head.

maggietoki said...

Hello! Coming over from illahee's blog.

And just to say that I LOVE that song and yes,of course I remember Strawberry Switchblade!What a trip down memory lane.Thank you!

L. said...

I meant to comment on this post before, and say......while I don't know any other songs by this band, I always liked this particular song of theirs, and....hearing it takes me back to Kyoto, 1985, when I was 19 and first dating the man who would become my husband. ((sigh))