Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm in love

Is this not the MOST amazing shoe you've EVER seen? I love it!
I'm normally not a shoe girl. Nearly every piece of footwear in my closet came from Wal-Mart or Target. When we lived in Florida I wore flip-flops 365 days a year. I'm currently the proud owner of not 1, not 2, but 3 pairs of Y599/pair Japanese Croc knock-offs. I've seriously never given a rip about what I cram on my dogs. But this beauty......... she's calling my name. And that's probably because, well, it's her name too! This baby is the "Brenda" by Jessica Simpson! How awesome am I? I'm an adorable pump by Jessica Simpson!
I've been scouring the internet for months trying to find a pair, but so far, no luck :(


thefukases said...

Wow, that's certainly a shoe. I could never wear anything that high- not in Japan anyway, I'd look ridiculous!! I love my knock off crocs though. I've worn one pair out- seriously the sole has a hole in it. Aren't they the perfect shoe for Japan- so easy to slip on and off!

And I love your new picture. Wow. Is that from the sky?

Carol said...

I found the shoe. Check out

Robin Vistnes said...

That is a hot shoe- and if you put a little strap around the ankle and shaved off about 1 inch on the heel, that sucker could be mine too. Wouldn't we look "the bomb" getting around in our matching "Brenda's".
I do love the new pic too. Certainly a stark change from the port-a-loo, but nice nonetheless.

Slime said...

Fuka-chan - you might look a bit silly stomping around in your garden, but you fit right in here in Tokyo, where the girls wear outrageously high heels *everywhere* doing *everything* even while riding their bikes!

Carol - thanks for the link, I've found the shoe in several places, but no one carries it to fit my massively huge feet!

R - oh yeah! We'd be hot, hot, hot! You'll have lots of luck finding tons of cute shoes when you get here, you've got Japanese sized feet. My dogs, however, are MAN-sized on the JP scale :(