Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last month, thanks to the tip by Tokyo5, Gabi, Ethan and I headed to Odaiba to see the life size Gundam robot. The robot was erected for the celebration of Gundam's 30th anniversary and is on display until Aug 31.

It had been a blazing hot day, so we waited til late afternoon before heading over from the New Sanno (we were spending 3 days in T-town for my b-day). We stopped at Decks, a great mall in Odaiba, for dinner at one of my favorite restuarants, Ku'aina. They have awesome burgers, I had a pineapple cheeseburger. YUMMO!

Outside Decks.
Yes, that's the Statue of Liberty, with the Rainbow Bridge in the background.

Ethan was very excited in the days leading up to the trip. "Today? Is Gundam today?" He wiggled and squirmed all through dinner at Ku'aina, fairly bursting with excitement. But knowing him like I do, I tried to warn him that the robot was going to be HUGE, but he just couldn't grasp the concept, and a gigantic robot just seemed like all his wildest dreams come true.

As we rounded the corner and the robot came into view, he stopped dead in his tracks, completely stunned, then said "Um, I changed my mind, can we go to Toys R Us now?"

We sat at a "safe" distance for awhile, watching as the crowd milled around the robot and walked under it, between its legs. Finally, he decided it was all okay. "I was just kidding" he informed me.

We headed up to the queue and made our way between Gundam's legs, then went back to our spot on top of the hill and waited for the action.


It was everything we hoped it would be, and we had a great time. We're planning to go back again this weekend, taking our neighbors who have 3 young boys, and Meg, who of course was in FL when we went the first time. Otis has had some kind of work related crap every single weekend since he's been home, and this weekend he's on call, so he'll miss Gundam. Too bad.

If you're in Tokyo before the 31st, definitely head to Odaiba!



thefukases said...

Oh wow. That is so cool. I know what you mean about the preparation thing though. We lined up for 30+ minutes to see PreCure and got to the front only to have Meg freak out because 'they're not little like on the TV!!!'

Love the sunset picture. Amazing.

Gaijin Wife said...

WOW! Did you take that last pic? The one of Ethan and Gundam is great. I saw the whole lark of TV and if we lived close enough I think hub and Shou would have liked to go.

Slime said...

GW & Fuka-chan - Thanks! I took all the pix, they did turn out pretty good, didn't they? LOL It was a beautiful sunset, out in Tokyo Bay with the city skyline spread out in front of us.

Lulu said...

Oh Shun would be so jealous- he wanted to see Gundam a couple weeks back when we were in Odaiba (must be about six weeks ago now?) but he wasn`t up yet. I will need to remind him that we have to go back (he is like a giant kid and was so disappointed last time)

The photo of Ethan between Gundam`s legs is a great shot!

tokyo5 said...

Thanks for the link to my post.

Glad you were able to get to see it before they take it down.