Saturday, July 18, 2009

Though the mountains divide.....

....and the ocean is wide.....

Several months ago, I found out that a fellow Tokyo blogger that I follow, Tokyo 5, actually grew up near the same small Florida town we lived in before coming to Japan! What a small world!

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by what happened tonight:

When Otis headed off to the States, we forgot to pack the prezzies we'd gotten for him to take to the kids, so I figured I'd just mail them to him at the hotel he'll be staying at in Florida. I mailed the package last Friday, and today I planned to call the hotel and let them know it was on it's way, so that they'd be expecting it and could put a note on his reservation (he doesn't get to FL until Monday afternoon).

I just called the hotel and spoke with Valerie, the very friendly, chatty front desk clerk. I told her when I mailed the package and that I expected it to take 7 - 10 days coming from Japan. Imagine my surprise when she tells me that her son is stationed here in Japan, at the Navy base in Atsugi! The city Otis will be visiting in FL isn't very big, I'd never even heard of it before we moved to Tampa, and the hotel isn't that big of a deal either, so what are the odds that the desk clerk's son would be living 30 miles away from me, in JAPAN?!?!?! And I've been to NAF Atsugi several times.

It's a small, small world!


gigihawaii said...

Yes, small world, indeed. Awesome!

Won't the prezzies be smashed by the time it gets to the hotel? How did you ship them? In a big box with foam?

tokyo5 said...

(I put on comment on this post yesterday...but it doesn't show for some reason).

I was surprised too when I read that you used to live in Tampa and now you live in Japan.

I grew up in Pinellas County, FL...but maybe you know I area better than I do now.
I left there in 1990 when I came to Japan and have only visited once since.

Lily said...

That means just over a year ago we lived fairly close to one another! I was in Aobadai in Yokohama and often passed through Atsugi to work in Fujisawa. Are you at Yokosuka base? Oh I hope you guys extend your stay as it is highly possible that within 3 years we will be back in Kanto.