Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missing Papi

O is gone for 3 weeks of training at the Center for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills via the Air Force Expeditionary Medical Skills Institute. Sounds pretty impressive, huh? LOL He'll then travel to FL to spend a week with the kids.

E is doing okay so far, he hasn't asked for his dad yet, but is sleeping in the twin bed in O's office every night, snugged up with all of Papi's pillows and blankets, and playing Papi's precious PS3 for a few minutes before bed every night.
The day before O left, we just lounged in the backyard, enjoying the evening, still-not-quite-summer weather.


Sara said...

AWWW poor little E!
Its hard when Daddy is gone so long!!

And btw that is ONE awesome swing!!! How much would I LOVE to relax on that all afternoon long!!


gaijin wife said...

3 weeks - thats a long time without daddy. I think when my kids are a bit older and hub pulls more of his own 'childish' behaviour I would quite welcome the break though!! Harder on the kids. And dito on the swing.

Slime said...

Sara - hub got me the swing as an early b-day pressie, since he'll be gone for my b-day! Very nice for sipping margaritas! Come try it out sometime!

GW - oh yeah, definitely love the break, I'm a firm believer that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"! LOL But it'd be horrible w/ 3 little ones for sure!

thefukases said...

Poor E...

K is away at least a couple of nights every month and not only do I get to do all the house/ kinder/ kid stuff myself but I also get to listen to them say 'I want Daaadddyyyyyy!!!' a dozen times a day...

And you got that swing in Japan??? Where???

I love your lawn, too. Nothing like that in my part of Saitama!

Slime said...

Fuka-chan - we got it here on the base, where everything they sell is American, BUT, I was choosing between that one and a really cute one at Joyful Honda, so they do have them here. We have big American houses and yards as well, our yard is the biggest size because we live in an end unit. But big yard = hours of mowing, edging, trimming, weeding and raking for weekly yard inspections :(

Gina said...

3 weeks is a long time! I bet E misses daddy already.: ( I agree with what ya said though about absence making the heart grow fonder for sure. My husband was gone last week for 2 nights visiting his parents and I was pretty happy when he returned on Friday. : )