Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Un-birthday to me!

Last year on my b-day (July) Ethan told me "Happy Birthday!" all day. It was so sweet, and every time he said it, I'd say "Thank you!" and give him a big hug and kiss, so he quickly figured out that it was a nice thing to say, and then somehow equated it to being something similar to "I love you". Now, 9 months later, he still comes up to me several times a week, hugs me and says "Happy Birthday mom" with a sweet, sappy smile on his face. What a sweetie boy!


Robin Vistnes said...

Crap- as soon as I read the title I started thinking- oh poop I forgot her b-day again!!! I am so glad that Ethan is only slightly more confused than I...

Alisa said...

I hope you have a Very Happy UN birthday... :) haha!
What a Sweeeeeeeeeeetie!

Sara said...

He sounds like such a sweetie! Stories like that make me soooo excited about being a mommy :)

Slime said...

R - Don't you think I would have reminded you that my b-day was coming? How else am I supposed to be sure I get a pressie?

Alisa - Thanks! LOL

Sara - I have to say, kid #3 is been a lot more fun! You're able to relax so much more, and really enjoy them, instead of constantly stressing about doing the right thing, worrying that something might be wrong, analyzing every nuance of their development......most of #1's babyhood is blur! LOL Make sure you take tons of pix of BG, and record *everything* in her baby book, and on your blog, of course!

Gina said...

Ethan sounds like a sweetheart!