Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Crush

I saw this clip on a couple of news websites today, then searched it down on YouTube. I've been on some ridiculously over stuffed trains here in Japan, so crowded that the platform attendants were using white sticks to cram bits of jackets, bags and unfortunate limbs through the train doors, but I've never experienced anything like this, though I've heard stories and it's totally believable.....

Could you imagine the melee that would ensue if they tried this in the U.S., maybe on an NYC subway? Americans are freakish about their "personal space" and I could easily see obscenities being screamed, even punches being thrown!


thefukases said...

wow. That's my worst nightmare!!

I can't imagine why they need to do that. I mean this is Japan, another train will be here in 2 minutes!

I showed DH and he said he's ridden trains like that. His sister (about 50kg) has been pushed off her feet so she was suspended by the crush. ewwwww. Apparently the guys pushing are professional oshiya- pushers. Weird........

Robin Vistnes said...

That was absolutely unbelievable!!! I had no idea that would happen! How long do they have to ride like that- an hour? longer? what happens if you are injured or have to pee? Can you just cough a lot and scratch some pus filled open wounds and get a little personal space? Yikes that was amazing!
BTW was that a Japan video or from another country?

Alisa said...

1st I have to comment on that video!!! WOW! Ethan and I were ... OMG! I had to watch it a few times!!!

And, i am so sorry i did not recieve your e-mail in time... did you end up coming down for a chili's visit?
i would have loved to meet you :(:(...
Maybe when we head up that way.... or if you come down here again, let me know!

Slime said...

fukases - I've been in that kind of crowded train, where I've been knocked off my feet inside the train, and just hang there, suspended by the crush of bodies around me, but never the kind in the video! Leave it to the Japanese to create *professional pushers*!

R - yeah, it's Japan, I wasn't really sure at first, but you can hear the over head announcements and some people talking, and they're speaking Japanese

Alisa - it's crazy isn't it? I did come down yesterday, got some cute new shoes and made an absolute hog of myself at Chili's, then got some Manchu Wok and Long John Sliver's to go! LOL We'll keep in touch and work out a meet up next time!