Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mystery solved!

The 'apple girl' mystery has been solved! Thanks Heather, you're a genius and obviously a yochien pro!

At Ethan's school, the kids all have a sticker with a picture and their name stuck next their "space" i.e. their coat hook, cubby, spot on the shoe shelf, so that they know where their things belong and can identify their own stuff, before they're able to read their names. Each kid as a different picture, and that picture is on all their things and all their spaces. Ethan's picture is a rocket ship, and Apple Girl's is.........AN APPLE ! I already knew what E's pic was, but I asked him anyway, just to confirm that he knew what I was talking about, then I asked "What about your girlfriend? What's her picture?", "An apple. She likes me, she always kisses me and pets me!" D'oh! Wasn't expecting that extra tidbit of info! But when I asked him to show me what she does, he kissed my cheek and patted the top of my head. Kawaiiii!


thefukases said...

Ooohh that's so cute!! And the rationale behind apple is way cuter than the other reasons I thought of:

Unfortunate child has head shaped like apple...
Unfortunate child has large apple coloured birthmark..
Unfortunate child only ever has an apple for lunch... ;P

A rocket is such a cool mark. My poor kid is a mushroom... Lucky 5yos don't know that thing about mushrooms being fed bull**** and kept in the dark, hey? ;P

Keep us updated on the romance!

Slime said...

Apple head!!!! LMAO!!!!

Gina said...

LOL at the apple head and birthmark guesses Heather!!!

Ethan's a rocket ship?! That is cool. Noah is a whale! Not crazy about the whale. Cute dolphin woulda been better.

Made us think of Dory said...the whale either said..."he wants a root beer float or to go to the back of his throat!!!" LOL!

Slime said...

LOL Gina, Dory is my favorite!