Friday, February 6, 2009


So much for NaBloPoMo! 46 posts in 1 months, then absolutely nothing for an entire week! I've got loads of pictures on my camera, and several posts swishing around in my head, but I'm having trouble downloading the pix, so the posts will have to wait.

Nothing much going on, except......the VOLCANO ERUPTION on Monday!!!!! And nearly losing an eye at a Setsubon festival on Tuesday. Schools on base were closed Monday because of all the volcanic ash! LOL The girls have had hurricane days, snow days and typhoon days, but this was their first ever volcano day! Totally unbelievable, will post with pix, eventually. Then, I went to a shrine not too far from here, for their festival on Setsubon; dried beans were hurled with amazing ferocity, I was totally unaware it was going to happen and was wedged in tight in the middle of the crowd, so there was no escape. Will post with pix, eventually.

On Tuesday, I cleaned out E's backpack and found a little piece of Disney Princess paper with some scribbles on it and when I asked E what it was, he said "That's from my apple friend, her's sick so her's not at school", "It's a girl?" I asked, "Yeah, her's my girlfriend" ?!?!?!?! I don't know where he'd have heard the term 'girlfriend', much less how he knows what it means! Then today he came home and said "My apple girlfriend is all better." I asked her name, but he just says "Her's my apple girlfriend, she lives at the apple spot, her's in Himawari (his class name)." So, no clue what that's about or why she's "apple". Note - he uses she appropriately, but when he should use the contraction she's, he says her's, don't know why. And another note - I recently found out his sensei has started taking English lessons a few months ago, so she can communicate w/ E better, how sweet is that? It would also explain why he's not picking up more Japanese, his teacher speaks English to him all day :(


thefukases said...

Wow stumbling on a setsubun festival must have been alarming. It's scary enough when you know what's about to happen!

I think apple girlfriend is cute. :) Do they have stickers on their cubbyholes? Maybe she's the apple mark. Even if the teacher gets good at English (doubtful....) Apple girlfriend will speak in Japanese so maybe you should encourage it- invite her over for tea? ;P

PS can't wait to see the volcano pics!

gigihawaii said...

Can't wait to see your photos!