Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stamp card dinner

We usually get take-out for dinner two Fridays a month, just a little treat for making in through the previous two weeks, and a break from the kitchen for me. If the kids have been especially good, I let them choose whatever they want for dinner.

Every food establishment on the base has some sort of point/stamp card program to earn free food and I built up quite a collection. The girls also earn coupon booklets from school if they make the A/B honor roll, it has lots of coupons for free things, like a free kid's meal from BK, free movie admission, etc. We decided to redeem everything this past Friday.

The bottom card is the best, it's good at all the Services dining facilities (listed on the bottom of the card) and once it's filled is worth $10.95 toward any food purchase.


We fed the whole family for FREE!
The girls all-time favorite food is fried mozerella sticks from the bowling alley, that's what they chose for their dinner. I got a 6" spicey Italian sub combo from Subway, E got the free kid's meal from BK and Otis' had a double Whopper value meal.
Yes, I know, pure garbage, but it's a treat, and it's only twice a month, and it's so yummy.


illahee said...

oh, every once in a while i sure do miss burger king!!

Slime said...

I know what you mean Illahee, I miss *Wal-Mart*, and Target, and HBO, p'nut butter & chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins and Olive Garden.....I could go on forever!

But we're really lucky on the junk food front, in addition to BK we have Popeye's, Taco Bell, real Pizza Hut and the cherry on top: our CHILI's will be opening this spring! WOO HOO!!