Friday, January 16, 2009


Ethan has a pretty big vocabulary for and almost 4 year old, especially when you considered the fact that he didn't speak until he was nearly 2! He didn't say "Mama" until well past his 1st birthday. But I'm convinced he just didn't have anything to say! LOL
Anyway, for quite a while now, he has been saying "got-for" instead of forgot. I've tried and tried to get him to say forgot and while he can repeat it correctly, when he's talking it always comes out as "gotfor": "I gotfor my hat!", "Mom, you gotfor my bento today!" (once a month he has to pack a lunch for school, I usually forget).
At first I thought he was just confusing the word, whenever I walk in the door he asks "Mom, what you got for me?", expecting that while I was out, I must have gotten something for him! But in the last week or so I've also heard him say "headfore" instead of forehead and "wardfor" instead of "forward", but he says "backward" just fine: "That train goes backward and wardfor!" What do you make of that? I haven't noticed it with any other words, only ones that start with for- . Weird.


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