Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally! My days are my own again!

The girls went back to school on Monday, I went back to teaching yesterday and Ethan goes back to school today.
Honestly, the winter break is about 10 days too long!!! Especially for Ethan (okay, especially for ME, but E doesn't like it either!), he's so used to going to school everyday, after about 4 days at home, he's so bored! I can usually keep him going for another day or two, but after that, we are both so ready for vacation to end! I'm already dreading the end of the school year in March, I think he has 2 or 3 weeks off. He can still go school, they have daycare available, but it costs an extra Y800/day, and there's no bus, so I have to drive him, which will be about an hour round trip when you factor in drop off time. Yeah, totally worth, he'll be going everyday! LOL

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