Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obento, obento ureshii na....

Here's a sampling from Ethan's school lunch menu for December:

Sauteed marlin w/ tomatoe sauce
Boiled radish
Fried beans w/ lotus root

Fish curry
Fried quail eggs
Spinach dumplings

Sardine burger
Fried pumpkin
Simmered mushrooms

Oishii, desu ne? (Delicious, isn't it?)
Ethan says "Mazui!" (roughly translated: Yucky!)

But, he has come to like "noodle days", these are the days when the school cook makes udon, this month they will have: Fried tofu udon, curry udon, chicken udon and E's favorite, pineapple udon. He usually eats all his lunch on noodle days and gets the big, smiling ice cream sundae stamp in his lunch book (as opposed to crying hot dog he usually gets, indicating that he didn't eat anything). The school cook makes lunch once/twice a week, the other days lunch is brought in by a bento company.

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