Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get a life!

I'm a little ashamed to say that it's not unusual for me to spend several hours a day (not all at once, though) reading other people's blogs. My list, which started out with 3 blogs, has now blossomed to over 40 blogs that I follow regularly, an additional 5 - 6 that I read occasionally and I can't count how many others that I check out just once or twice because I'm following a particular event.
Of course everyone doesn't blog every single day, so sometimes I'm on and off a blog in a few seconds if there's not a new post, but, if I'm away from my computer for several days, I can spend 4 or 5 hours catching up on posts! But this is one of my few vices. I don't smoke or drink, no endless crocheting, knitting, or cross-stitching. I dont' play games, gamble or shop online, I don't do Facebook or MySpace or IMing. Just reading blogs. A lot of blogs. I should probably do a feeder, I'm sure it would save time........maybe one of these days I'll get around to it.
Here's a parital list of the blogs I check every day (most of them are other foreigners living in Japan):
My Electronic Memory
Matt, Liz and Madeline
Sushi Zume Tokyo
Cherry Blossom Adventures
Blue Lotus
Blantant Random Silliness
An American Girl in Japan
Gaijin Wife
Kern's Japan Blog
Yokomatsu Family Blog
Sakura Flavored
Shinshu Life
The Japan Years
The Bowmans in Okinawa
Aviva Photography
Okinawa Hai!
Cafe Yamashita
Our Life is an Open Blog
Salt and Sesame
The Local Dialect
My Life as a Gaijin
The Monster Flower
Life of an American Mommy Living in Japan
Illahee's Blog


Kassia said...

Yesss... I made it on the list. LOL. I will tell you, an aggregator is your bestest friend. For a while I had the RSS feeds coming into my Apple Mail (I'm on a mac), but I had SO many it got hard to manage. I *heart* Google Reader. It takes 5 seconds to set up AND you can organize your blogs! I subscribe to 60 (ack! that's a little embarrassing...) and they're organized into 'friends' 'photographers' 'photography info' stuff like that. It really reduced the time I spent loading each page... go to it mama!

rengawk said...

I read yours through Google Reader...very helpful and time saving! ;)

Robin Vistnes said...

Suckers! I'm the first on the list! LOL

Slime said...

Wow Kassia, 60?!?!?! Okay, I guess I'm not so bad! LOL

illahee said...

my rss of choice is bloglines. at the moment i only have about 147 feeds (a couple are for my flickr account) but some of them are for 'dead' blogs and i should probably weed them out, but every once in a while someone is sucked back into blogging....

Slime said...

Holy crap illahee, 147 ?!?! That's insane! Thanks for reading my blog! I love yours, sometimes after reading your posts I just want to give you a big hug! It's at the bottom of the list on this post, but you're actually number five!

illahee said...

oops, confession time. i had to go check...i have 174 links. but don't tell! ;) (i must be really really tired!!)


aviva5271 said...

oh jeez. 80. i'm subscribed to EIGHTY! but at least 20 of those don't post much. imagine how much more time i'd have to edit if i didn't do all that! haha.... i'm quite quite flattered to have made this list though - THANK YOU!

Slime said...

Yay Aviva! Thank you for stopping by. I love, love, love looking at your photog blog. Between you and Kassia, I've got some major picture-taking envy!