Saturday, October 11, 2008

I heart MickeyD's

Some people rag on me about how often I eat at McDonald's while I'm living in Japan. To them I say "Kiss my McGriddle!" McD's has been in my life..... my entire life. It's a tried and true favorite that has never let me down. And in my defense, Japanese McD's are truly a Japanese experience. Yes, they have most of the usual menu items, but there are also lots of Japanese originals:

Shaka Shaka Chicken Black Pepper

The chicken comes in a bag and you "shaka, shaka" it to coat it with the seasoning

Ebi Filet - o (Shrimp burger)


Teriyaki McBurger

The McFlurry options include Kit Kat and Caramel Macchiato. The Filet-o-fish is available on both the b'fast and regular menu and an there's a stack of mini-panacakes that are considered a side/dessert item. And here's my new favorite:


The Bacon Potato Pie! It looks like an apple pie, but it's so not! The package says:

"Now, Come Back! KARI KARI outside, TORORI inside. ATSU ATSU mashed potatoes and tasty bacon...Good for your snack time!"


Kari kari means crunchy, torori is referring to the texture of the inside, kind of thick and pastey and atsu atsu is very hot. OISHII!!!


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