Saturday, July 19, 2008

Secret Squirrel

As everyone knows (I hope) the 2008 G8 Summit was held in Japan July 9 -11. During this time Yokota was home to one of George Dubbyah's secret squirrel Nightwatch backup planes.

Ethan very quickly dubbed it "My plane!" We have to cross the runway everytime we go to the other side of the base, so we were able to see it up close several times a day.
We headed out to the flight line just before it left; as they headed to the plane one of the crew members walked over and shook Ethan's hand and asked him if he was excited to watch the plane take off. He was completely awe-struck. We were able to get, what I thought, was much too close, but I changed my mind about that as the engines revved and 5 guys with M-16's at-the-ready-popped out from nowhere and surrounded the plane until it was ready to taxi.

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