Friday, May 2, 2008


I took myself to Tachikawa for lunch on Monday, just because I don't go places on the train often enough. It was a beautiful day and Tachikawa is a quick 7 stops from Fussa.

Tama Toshi monorail at Tachikawa

I had lunch at Mos Burger

My yummy lunch, 570Y (about $5.60). You order downstairs, then find a table on the 2nd (smoking) or 3rd (non) floor and they bring your food up when it's ready. They have lots of really interesting burgers on their menu, check it out here.

This is a monk standing in front of Tachikawa station ringing a bell. I think you could drop money in his little bowl.

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Robin said...

I would like to order one rice flake shake, with red bean treat, for my dessert treat- thanks