Friday, May 2, 2008

All praises to the donut deities!

Holy hot n' glazey Batman! They've built a Krispy Kreme in Tachikawa station!!!!!!!!!!!
I stopped and called Otis immediately; it just opened last weekend!

Sadly, a box of one dozen donuts was 1600Y (about $16.00)!!!!! And the wait was nearly 1.5 hours long, so I opted for a stop at an almost as tastey Mister Donut instead. They make a yummy donut with a caramel/almond glaze.

I stopped to eat my donuts at this cute little park on the walk home from the train station.


Wendy O said...

OMG...$16 for a box of donuts????????? And you need almost a box of them to get full since they are like air. Love them but man, the calories consumed to fill up on donuts is unreal.


Robin said...

You called Otis and not me!!!
I am going to assume for the sake of our friendship that the time differential would have you calling me at 2 in the morning and would therefore been un-toward, and that the choice you made was selfless on my behalf. In that respect, thank you for your concern for my beauty sleep.

Robin said...

And how can I get my cute little picture on here