Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our newest addition...

Meet the newest member to our family......

Fennigan Blues Clues

He's an 11 month old Boxer, we got him from a family on base that is returning to the states unexpectedly and couldn't take him.

He can look pretty ferocious, but he's the biggest, cuddliest teddy bear. He very sweet and thinks he's a chiuaua, constantly trying to sit in your lap! At his last vet check in December he was 50 lbs!!

The kids adore him and he really loves them too. The girls have been sleeping downstairs with him until he "gets settled in".

I really wanted a Japanese name for him, but just couldn't come up with something that fit. On the base we have a television network called AFN - Armed Forces Network, which broadcasts all our American programs. When I lived here as a kid it was called FEN - Far East Network. From that I came up with Fennigan, but we call him Fen. Ethan insists he's our very own "Blues Clues".

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Wendy O said...

OMG Brenda, he's adorable! I would have adopted him too! I bet the kids will keep him very busy.