Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Cherry Blossom Time

Sakura sakura
Yayoi no sora wa
Miwatasu kagiri
Kasumi ka kumo ka
Nioi zo izuruIzaya izaya
Mini yu kan

This is "Cherry Blossom Street", otherwise known as the street that runs behind my house. It's lined with close to 100 cherry blossom trees. This picture most definitely does not do justice to how beautiful they really are.

This is the cherry blossom tree in front of our building.

Today the Japanese side of my culture group took us to a park not far from the base, along the Tama River, to see the cherry blosoms.

Cherry Blossom season is a huge deal in Japan. There are big festivals and everyone plans for hanami, "flower viewing". Every where there are cherry blossoms blooming you'll find people on blankets picnicing under the trees. Oddly, a lot of Japanese people like to come on the base to see the trees blooming and all week there have been people picnicing on "Cherry Blossom Street". Here are all of the pictures I've taken this week.

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