Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nothing, nothing, blah, blah

Nothing blog worthy going on the last week.

Megan is playing softball, her first practice is this Saturday. We got her registered for 6th grade, I just can't believe that she's starting middle school! I swear she's only 6 years old!!! She's still my baby, I can't imagine her in junior high mixing with all those teenagers!

Gabi is still doing really well with track, they have a meet with a really tough team this Saturday and she's feeling nervous. I think that's a good thing because it means she finally taking it seriously, up 'til now she's always just run for fun with no thought to how well she's doing or times or anything. Of course there's nothing wrong with having fun, I wouldn't push her to stay with it if she wasn't enjoying herself, but I think she's got real talent and it's time for her to start working harder and putting forth a bit of effort with it. (And of course I'm starting to think "Track Scholorships!")

They both made the honor roll with all A's and 1 B each.

Ethan is doing great at his new school, the first 2 weeks they've only gone 1/2 days to give all the new kids time to adjust, they'll start full days on Monday. He's already saying 4 words, I doubt that he knows what he's saying, but he says them at the appropriate time and he knows to raise his hand and say "Hai!" when the teacher calls his name for roll call in the morning.

I've been doing some subbing for a few friends' English classes and will be permanently taking over a Wednesday morning class next week.

We're waiting to hear whether or not Otis will finally be able to go an Infection Control class in Denver the middle of June. He's been approved to go, but they keep telling him they're still trying to find the money to send him. If he gets to go he's planning to stay an extra week to go visit the kids in Florida and his family in South Carolina.

Fennigan has settled in so well, it's like he's been with us forever!

That's about it for now, I'll post some pictures soon!

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