Tuesday, April 8, 2008

He likes it! Hey Mikey!

Ethan had a great first day of school! Although he's not normally the best source for information on what he did at school, he says he played with his friends, colored and ate a snack. After I got him dressed this morning he said "Wait, I need my hat!" I was sure he'd refuse to wear it because he's always hated hats, but he loves his school hat. He very happily hopped on the bus this morning, that's a good sign that he does indeed like his new school.

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Robin said...

I was just checking in on the blog. I noticed that someone from Aust is online wiht me. Who is that? Also I was reading an old one where you were going to take Karate- did you do that ?
You are just doing so many awesome things. Pace yourself man! My jealousy meter is maxed out!!!