Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ode to big Daiso and Choco Bites

I had a really great day today. I took the train to Machida by myself, something I really want to do more of (taking the train places during the week, by myself). Machida has the mega 100 Yen store and TGI Friday's (see my 2 Feb entry). There's a really neat upper level sidewalk that runs about 5-6 blocks down the street outside the train station.
I had a great time browsing through all 6 floors of the Daiso (I spent less than 2000Y!!!!) in peace and at my own pace and had a yummy 1/2 rack of babyback ribs at Friday's. I topped it off with a Choco Pie (found out it's PIE, not BITE) at McD's. The McD's at the Machida train station is on the 2nd floor with little booths lining huge windows overlooking the hustle and bustle of Machida, it was so nice sitting there people watching, revelling in just being in Japan. I still can't believe I actually LIVE here! Somebody visit me, I have so much to show you!!!!

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